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"Throughout the process, there's just a ton of stuff thrown at you, so it's easy to be overwhelmed," commented LaTonya Richardson, founder of Event Experts, a locally-based wedding and special event planning company."It is easy to get in over your head about it because everyone has an opinion from the time that you accept the proposal."
Wedding planning doesn't always bring out the best in the betrothed, as Richardson has discovered."It seems that they get so caught up in the machine of the party , what shade of tablecloth, the type of the flower and the song selection or whatever it is , and forget the true meaning of the celebration," she said. Reality shows have only added to the prevalence of "bridezillas" in recent years, Richardson says."I just find increasingly the threshold of what people are not able to tolerate gets higher and higher, and it shouldn't be.People come with a certain expectation; a lot of the time, that expectation is perfection, and that really isn't what you're buying because that can't be sold," she stated."What you're getting when you hire an event planner or other professional is a person who is dedicated to making your vision work and who brings a certain amount of experience and talent and, hopefully, reputation to the table, so that they can do the best job for you, but we can't stop the rain, we can't prevent a glass from falling, we can't make the deejay show up on time; I mean, there's just a lot that can happen."Richardson, who was a law school student when event planning "found her" 16 years ago, knows a little something about the best laid plans, but she is a firm believer that attitudes play an integral role in the outcome of things."You attract to your life the things that you give your energy and attention and thought to , whether that's positive or negative is basically up to you," she remarked. Much of the brides' angst arises from unrealistic attitudes and the lack of a concise vision with regard to planning their special day, says the planner.She started a Web site, e-weddingcoach.com, to combat some of the pressure the women and their partners are likely to feel."I think it's stress, but really where the stress comes from is not knowing what you want.What I wanted to do was package a way that I could walk them through the process," she commented."It's basically just you having access to someone who can talk you through the practicalities of planning your wedding and keep you focused and on track and calm, so that you don't feel hurried and worried and burdened."In addition to launching the site, Richardson has added a decidedly more hands-on option for her potential clients, in the form of a workshop entitled, "Inspired Wedding Coaching."The workshops will be held in Winston-Salem on three consecutive Sundays, February 24 , March 9, and will focus on three major components of wedding planning , creating the vision; beginning the process; and a roundtable discussion with wedding professionals."I think the planning has to be a lot more intentional.It really should be coming up with your vision, making it true to who you are, making it unique and incorporating the things that are important to you and your fiancee and to your family, and then working your plan from there," Richardson remarked.  [as printed in a news article by the Winston-Salem Chronicle]