Times are changing and clients are too

Once upon a time, we lost a few long-standing client events. During phone calls, I discovered that our contact person with these companies had either been promoted, retired or changed jobs. Polling the new contact people, I discovered that, while some were aware of our past event work, they'd opted instead to try 'something different'. Pointing out the features and benefits of our services didn't change their minds. For the newbies who hadn't heard of our work, I discovered that our past contact person failed to leave behind information. Afterall, when some folks leave a job, that's it! They may remove any semblance of information that might be beneficial to their predecessor or else leave such a mess that their predecessor has to throw it all out in order to start afresh. In either case, what I learned is that our name and professional reputation will not survive every personnel shift. Moreover, even those relationships that had begun to feel personal after years of working together, may not motivate a client to draft one final memo on their way out of the door, "This is a gentle reminder to please call Event Experts. They've done marvelous work for us over the years and we value our professional relationship with the owner". That's simply a dream. As June 30th approaches and the fiscal year comes to a close for a number of our client companies, exciting announcements are filling the INBOX. On the one hand, it's a time of happiness and celebration as some of dear clients move up the ranks or trade it all in for days of leisure. On the other hand, it's an ambiguous time. How will these changes affect our business? The opportunity to try something different is up for grabs. Folks are embracing change this week - fresh faces, new responsibilities, the end of a season and the start of a new (fiscal) year. We'll continue to take excellent care of those who keep us on board, and we hope that many will. Evenso, we've got outstretched arms to welcome the newbies, for whom Event Experts is 'something different'!